Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday Must Have..Movie Review

Over the weekend I had my last date for awhile.  And, of course, I had to see this movie.  Can I just say it didn't get great reviews but that didn't stop me.  I loved it!  Maybe because I've experienced practically everything in the movie but even the men in the theater were laughing.  It is just life.  I found it hilarious!  It really covers everything from the "What to Expect" book: sickness, miscarriage, infertility, labor, twins, etc.  I highly recommend this movie.

Speaking of expecting, if all goes well and there is a bed for me, tomorrow morning I am being induced with my twins.  Wish us luck!  So, if you don't see me here for awhile you will know I'm keeping busy.  But I am making my family blog public for awhile so you can read about the birth and see pictures if you care to.  The address is:


Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Plus- May 18th

Here is our week in pictures. These may be out of order because I'm blogging from my phone. :)

My son was practicing putting a baby to bed with his new self proclaimed job of being in charge of sound machine.

I love that my son cleans up before bedtime.

Happy Mother's Day to me. My son gave these to me in Saturday and then proceeded to tell me that I'll be getting a gift card with apples on it too.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lipstick Review

Remember when I posted about my plans to get new lipstick?  Well, I picked it up and I have a review for you.  While I picked up this

I decided to pick up one of these too

I'll have to say that I like the 24 hour ones better.  Maybe it was the shade I chose on the 24 hour one I liked better or just the feel.

With my old (kinda expensive) lipstick, I loved the look and feel of a gloss over the color.  With the 24 hour lipstick, you get it.  You put on the color, wait a few seconds for it to dry, then the other end is like a chapstick/glossy stick.  And I must say it really stays on 24 hours.  I put it on in the morning and maybe reapplied it once to freshen up.  When I woke up the next morning I was looking at my lips and noticed they were still tinted brown.  Yep, it was from the lipstick!  Perfect. Now that is advertising.

I liked the 14 hr lipstick too but I felt that my lips were somewhat dry and I found myself putting on a gloss over it to get that feel.  Plus, I need to pick a different shade as well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maxi Dress Gone Wrong, Turned Right!

Last week I read one of my favorite craft blogs Make It and Love It.  She put a tutorial on how to turn a Maxi dress into a Maxi skirt.  Let's just say I've had this blue Maxi dress for a long time and have worn it maybe three times.  Bad purchase, I know!  It should have gone to Goodwill ages ago but I knew there was a reason laziness it stayed in my closet.

Here is the link to her tutorial.  It is SO easy!  Honestly, I did it in a few minutes.  And if I can do it....anyone can.

I tried to find a picture of me wearing the "ill fitting maxi dress" but I couldn't even find one picture.  That is how often I wore it.  But I'm sure you will see more than enough pictures of me wearing this skirt that you will say, "Look, there it is again."  Plus, who can't go wrong with this blue? hehe

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Must Haves...May 14th

I'm so looking forward to going shopping when I don't have a huge belly.  Actually, shopping is always so awful the first several months after having a baby because you don't fit into anything in the size you want.   But I decided I can shop at both times because I get so sick of my maternity/pregnancy clothes.  These are some things I'm coveting for when I get my body back....okay somewhat back.  Maybe it should be a reward for getting back into shape. :)

And I must confess.....I love stripes these days.

Pinned Image
I actually bought this skirt already from  I cannot wait to get it.

The Awning Skirt :: Navy

I have probably put this skirt on my blog before but she recently opened up her shop and I LOVE it.  It comes in several colors and one will be mine someday.

Crisp navy and white stripes and red detailing make this frock perfect for a day at the courts or a summer barbeque.  A mock turtleneck, cap sleeves and pleating at the waist complete the look.  All these details converge with a crisp, woven cotton fabric with a hint of stretch for maximum comfort.
via Shabby Apple

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Shred/Insanity/P90x

As soon as I'm feeling up to it and get clearance from my doctor, I'm excited to start working out again.  I figure going to the gym might take me awhile because I like to go way early in the morning, so I need to find an alternative until these babies figure out sleeping through the night. :)  We have all of these videos so with these and running outside I should get a pretty good start.  We will see. 

I might be too sleep deprived to even think about it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Must Haves...May 7th

Hope you all had a fabulous Cinco de Mayo!  I spent the day tracking my brother online who was doing an Ironman.  So inspiring!  I even got to see him cross the finish line on my iPad.  So cool.  I also watched the KY Derby.  My husband promised to take me one day.  I'm so excited to buy/wear a big hat.  :) 

Anyway, in other news these are some things that I have my eye on.  Has anyone ever tried these Salon Nail Effects by Sally Hansen?  They look intriging and fun and I'm interested in seeing how they look on my short, stubby hands.

So, I"m probably the last person on Earth that knows about this app.  Seriously, why does no one tell me these things?  Anyway, I realized that I could text a blog entry or do it from my phone.  Genius!  My family blog was being neglected but it isn't now.  Since I take most all my pictures from my phone it is just easier to blog from my phone.  I'll admit, it needs some work, but for short, quick posts it is fabulous.  I wish I could upload more than one picture at a time.  But for now, I'll take what I can get.